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Istanbul Aydin University, a leading institution in Turkey, offers a vibrant educational experience in the heart of Istanbul. Renowned for its diverse and innovative programs, the university caters to a global student body, providing high-quality education across various disciplines. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dynamic campus life, Istanbul Aydin University is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and career success. Its commitment to internationalization and research makes it an ideal choice for students seeking a world-class education in a culturally rich city.

Are you interested in getting a university education in Turkey with just your diploma?

As ARDEV – Research Support and Education Foundation, we work to support the social activities and ensure the social integration of foreign (guest) students who come to Turkey for university education, and will benefit from the education opportunities at Turkish Universities through our Turkey Scholarships program and discover the unique beauty of our country.

We would like to provide you with information about the higher education system in Turkey.

Firstly, there are two types of universities in Turkey: state and private. To get an education at a state university, you need to take and pass the exams that the universities apply or accept. After this stage, you can receive an acceptance letter from the university. To get an education without taking exams, you can get support from education consulting companies.

Over 200 Turkish Universities offer many opportunities for foreign (guest) students.


In private universities, exams are also applied, but this exam ensures that you will gain scholarship rights. Education consulting companies that have agreements with universities can provide you with scholarships up to 75% without having to take these exams.

In Turkey, you can get an education in fields such as medicine, dentistry, engineering, architecture, law, physiotherapy, economics, business, etc. You can examine the relevant programs and make a free application without taking any exams, just with your diploma.

Advantages of Getting a University Study in Turkey

  • Turkish Universities offer high-quality education.
  • The opportunity to discover Turkey’s unique culture and geography.
  • Lower living costs compared to most countries.
  • The opportunity for exchange programs with European Universities through Erasmus programs.
  • High scholarship rates.
  • Job and career opportunities after university.