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Whether you are a foreign student in Turkey or a global company, you can work with us and take advantage of the opportunities in Turkey. Read this document to understand how we could be working together.

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Become a Partner Agent with Find And Study

A Quick Guide to Turkish Universities:

Turkey is home to 208 universities, a mix of public and private institutions offering a wide range of programs. Whether students are looking for Turkish or English language programs, there are opportunities available for everyone, including preparatory language courses if necessary.


Why Partner with Us?

1. Unique Educational Access: Our collaboration with numerous Turkish universities enables us to offer unique entry pathways. We can enroll students in public universities without the need for exams, based solely on their diplomas. For those looking into private universities, we can secure scholarships up to 70% without any examination requirements.

2. Extensive Support: Our services extend beyond academic enrollment. We provide a comprehensive welcome package that includes airport transfer, hotel reservations, SIM card setup, and health insurance.

3. Multilingual Platform: Our website,, caters to a global audience and is available in seven languages, ensuring that you and your students can access all necessary information with ease.

4. Lucrative Opportunities: As a partner agent, you will gain access to our exclusive agent panel, where you can manage applications and track progress. We do not charge service fees for private university placements, allowing you to earn directly from the services provided to students.

How It Works?

For private universities, all we require are the student’s diploma, transcript, passport, and photograph. You will apply on behalf of your students and receive a conditional acceptance letter, leading to a final acceptance once the deposit is paid directly to the university.

For public universities, we can secure acceptance letters without exams. The service fee structure is split into two parts, with half payable upon application submission and the remainder upon receiving the final acceptance letter.

Join Us Today:

Embrace the opportunity to shape futures by guiding students to their ideal university experiences in Turkey. As a partner with Find And Study, you are not just an agent; you are a mentor, a guide, and a crucial part of a student’s journey to success.

Ready to make a difference? Visit Become an Agent to start your partnership with Find And Study, and help us continue to bring educational opportunities within reach of students around the world.

Advantages of Getting a University Study in Turkey

  • Turkish Universities offer high-quality education.
  • The opportunity to discover Turkey’s unique culture and geography.
  • Lower living costs compared to most countries.
  • The opportunity for exchange programs with European Universities through Erasmus programs.
  • High scholarship rates.
  • Job and career opportunities after university.